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Prophetic and miracle music are proofs that God is Not Dead... He's Still ALIVE!!!!

When a demon terrorized the soul and spirit of King Saul he inquired that a player on a ten-stringed instrument be brought before him to play healing, spiritual and prophetic music to quiet the demons of fear in him. That psalmist and player of miracle and prophetic music was David --- only a lad then, but he walked in the way of holiness and was able to play miracle music because the Holy Ghost was upon him. Please listen to this anointed music from a time gone by, but not forgotten. Thank you.

Miracle Music

Miracle Music for the Spirit - The world might be dead, but our God is certainly not!



Traveling Shoes - This video courtesy of Youtube is a foot stomping, finger-snapping, soul stirring miracle song about traveliing the gospel road for Jesus.




God Specializes in miracles - God will do what none other power can do. This Holy Ghost inspired song will show you why our God is like none other.




Prophetic music - Prophetic songs from the Holy Spirit. Press the play button to hear this prophetic music.





The Blood signed my name - The reason why heaven is our eternal home. Press the play button to hear these miracle songs.




A.A. Allen Miracle Campaign - Press the play button to hear excerpts from this miracle campaign in Philadelphia.





"Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever!" - Hebrews 13:8 


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