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Prophecies are meant to glorify God and build up His church in their most holy faith. We at Holy Ghost Speak Revivals, Inc. are here to tell it like it is! That means no compromise... no gimmicks... no playing church! These prophecies are from the throne room of God and you better take care to heed these words. Prophecy is not dead! Only the faith of the peoples. They are weak in faith and depend too much on the glory of man. May God bless you as you take in His holy word. - D.A.


Welcome, Neighbor. I call you Neighbor for I feel for you even as the good Samaritan felt for his neighbor. This section is where you find prophecy. What exactly is prophecy? As I am sure you know, GOD can use anyone to prophesy and indeed even Saul the king did prophesy even though he was not a prophet.

So what is Prophecy and how does it apply today? Prophecy is GOD speaking directly to any of his servants indicating GOD's will. While anyone can prophesy only certain of GOD's servants are Prophets, that is those who GOD has particularly chosen to speak his will unto. Just as everyone isn't a pastor, not everyone is a prophet even if they prophesy. A prophet is called and chosen of GOD and given a special anointing of prophecy even as GOD chose Elisha to replace Elijah as prophet. 1 Kings 19:16. You see, while GOD certainly spoke through his other children, both Elijah and Elisha had a unique position as Prophets and GOD spoke to them specifically for the purpose of giving prophecy.

Friend, GOD speaks this same way today and there are still prophets among GOD's people today. Numbers 12:6. And sad as it may be, there are many false prophets also about today. However, as we are the children of GOD we are all born again of his spirit and we know his voice and will not follow the strange voice. John 10:14 and 10:27. The prophecies are good, holy, thus sayeth the LORD prophecies, not opinions and feelings as many false prophets give from out of themselves. Read and enjoy these prophecies as they will bless you and nurture your spirit. Read them in the spirit and see that GOD is indeed speaking in these modern days the same as he did in days of old through the prophets.

God Bless you. - J.H.A

What is a prophet?

A prophet is a person sent of GOD whom GOD speaks directly to in order for that person to tell others who need to hear from GOD either in a congregation as Moses spoke to the children of Israel or to people who are unable or unwilling to hear what GOD is saying. The prophet's job is to tell the people what thus sayeth the LORD. Beginning with Abraham of whom GOD told Abimelech was a prophet of the LORD, the LORD GOD has spoken his commands and decrees through the prophets. In the old times the prophet was called the Seer as the prophets have always possessed a unique insight and vision into GOD's complete plan -- past, present and future and people came to the prophets to inquire of GOD.

Whenever anyone needed guidance or help or whenever GOD had something to say, the Prophet is the person to whom GOD spoke through. There is a separate gift of prophecy in which many can prophesy as even Saul did prophesy in 1 Samuel 10:11. However, Saul was not a prophet he was the future king of Israel. Being the prophet is quite different from simply being one of GOD's children who prophesies. In Judges 6:8 even though there were judges in the land, GOD still sent the Prophet who spoke what thus sayeth GOD until the angel of the LORD appeared. Though Gideon was a mighty man of valor and GOD spoke with him, the Prophet was still sent to say what thus saith the LORD when Israel had cried to the LORD.

Most people consider the prophet as someone from the days of old and times past. However, the Prophet is a very active functioning member of GOD's church. In previous times, GOD alone spoke to the prophet, now since Christ's work the prophet is spoken to through Jesus. All things being placed into Jesus' hands by our Father GOD does not mean that GOD does not speak to his prophets nor to his people. Yet no man comes to the Father except through Jesus. That means no other name except Jesus. Lot's of people will say that my friend is a certain religion; and they believe in many of the same things also they believe in God. Isn't all belief in GOD the same thing? The answer is No. If you are not accepting that Jesus is the Son of GOD and that GOD sent and resurrected him you cannot get to GOD. They may believe in God but they have not experienced or felt GOD -- the GOD which created all things and framed the heavens and the universe. For that GOD sent his only begotten Son who said "I am the way." Indeed in Luke 2:36, the prophetess Anna gave thanks as she was coming in to the temple and spake of Jesus to all looking for redemption when Joseph and Mary were in the temple with Jesus.
Friend, the Prophet is very real and active today just as in days gone by.

Thus sayeth the LORD:

Hear ye all inhabitants of the land. I am the LORD and I change not. I am the same as thousands of years ago and the same today. Once people tended their flocks, travelled on foot and understood who I am.

With each generation people have used the wisdom that I gave to do more things, become more modern and change the way their lives. Gone are the days of drinking out of a brook and sitting in the door of your tent for most. There are cell phones and texting along with television. Modern conveniences in themselves of are bad. Living your life as if your devices and technology is all that important is what is bad.

The modern scientist has theorized and intelligized me out of existence. According to current scientific so called facts, I am now a myth, a belief, a comfort for busy people with busy lives who are stuck in an old primitive mindset. I am the idea of fanatics and crazies who can handle the truth that people are in control of their own lives. Well you may control your lives, though whether you like it or not, I am responsible for you having your lives. Not only your lives that I am responsible for, I made your sun, your moon, your universe. Everything that you can see with the eye and even that which you cannot see I have made. Why? For my glory as it pleased me. And what has my creation done? Turned its back on me and left me. Most now say my instructions are too narrow minded, too discriminatory, too arbitrary, too unreasonable, high jacked by nuts, fools and opportunists. Many say my word is too hard to understand and impossible standards to live by. None of which is true. My word is true and any one who truly follows it will immediately reap the benefits of having a GOD who created them to live for his purpose.

The focus was suppose to be for me and my glory and now it is about you and what can GOD do for you. Why many say religion is a racket and only crazy people talk with an invisible being. First, I am not invisible, I can be seen, I just donít show myself as the human eye would be hard to take seeing me. I had to cover myself for Moses to view me.  Second religion may be a racket, yet I am real and I am here any time you need or want me. All you have to do is call on me, honestly and sincerely. Most people canít do this as it is very sad yet people want my benefits yet they prefer to live for satan. And yes there is a satan. The enemy who has turned your hearts from me.  I make this plea, try me. Come to LORD with an open heart and see for yourself that I am real and that everyone can have their modern life and still have GOD. People have everything to gain and nothing to lose Ė that is nothing to lose except your self-will and pride. My children you are not your own and were never meant to be your own whether to yourselves or each other. You are mine and you were meant to be mine and only by being mine can you reach your full potential. You can have no sickness, no heart ache, no deformity, no disease, no anger, no hatred, no problems. Here is a case where if something sounds too good to be true it is still true. Instead you have chosen to rebel against your purpose and live your life without me. You may feel that as people you have your independence and freedom Ė yet you are only free to suffer. What profit you to gain the whole world and lose your soul. Hell is very real and I donít want any of you to go there. You suffer and die every day needlessly. Come back to me. Let my word touch your hearts. Since you are so disposed to it, use your reason, should I not deliver on my promises, you can always leave again. However, should I keep my promise, then be my people and I will be your GOD. Yet you must come willingly and with sincerity. I will never turn my back on anyone who is honest and truly wants me. You have a choice stay away or come back. Your enemy satan does not want you with me and he knows that without me you will suffer, die and then go to hell. So stay away and keep everything as it is or come back and have unspeakable joy or happiness. You wanted control so I have left the decision as to how you live or die up to you. Choose wisely.

I have piped and you have not danced. I have called and you have not answered. I have bidden and you would not come. Therefore, thus sayeth the LORD, I even I, do prophesy against your vain teachings and your ungodly doctrines and your attempts to make the word of GOD none effect. How long will you suffer in your vanity and let satan deceive you. Let no man fool you, you shall not prosper in your ways. Your house shall be laid desolate. Your nakedness shall be uncovered. Your calamity shall cometh as a whirlwind. Surely as you have placed your trust in your deceiver and your vanity has caused you to believe a lie rather than truth, I the LORD shall cause you to fall down and great shall be thy fall. I will lift up a people who will follow me in spirit and in truth. A people who will not seek their ways but my ways, who will not seek their glory but my glory. I am a jealous GOD. I will not share my glory with another. You have used my name in vain to lift yourself up and to make yourselves known unto each other. Who hath deceived you that you can profess to know me and hear me not? That you can profess to follow me and know me not? If you knew me satan could not have deceived you. For confusion cometh of the devil and not of GOD. The earth is mine and the fullness thereof. Wherefore hast thou boasteth saying it is the LORD that maketh me rich? Sinners and publicans love those who love them and wherefore then have you loved me? But with vain teachings of men do you make yourself rich. Hear ye the word of the LORD. You shall not stand. You are a liar who sayeth, I am of the LORD and the LORD hath maketh me to prosper when I the LORD know you not. A liar shall not tarry in my eyesight. Therefore, ye shall not stand but shall totally be laid to waste. Blood shall run as water down the streets. Confusion and calamity shall come your way then ye shall know that I am the LORD and that I lie not. I know ye not and ye shall not stand.

Thus sayeth the LORD the earth is full of violence and men's hearts grow more and more evil. Turn now from your wicked ways sayeth the LORD. Ye stiffnecked and rebellious children sons and daughters of those who slew the prophets and the martyrs have turned your hearts from the LORD your GOD. Ye have gone after idols and gods created and built up in your own hearts. Put away your strange gods and your evil ways and return to the LORD your GOD with meekness and humbleness and I will be your GOD and ye shall be my people. Lest I let you be consumed in the wickedness of your lusts and let you drink from the cup of bitterness you have created for yourselves through your rebellion.

Behold, I the LORD thy GOD am calling out to my children. Return thou unto me. Come to me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give the rest. Come my children back to thy Father's house and all shall be forgiven. For should I findest thou in the way, my wrath shall be kindled against thee and my anger shall wax hot against thee. Yet all who come to me will be forgiven and I will give rest unto thy soul.

Behold, my brethren I am not on the cross.  Indeed I rose victorious over the cross, over death and over satan.  Look to me now as the glorified Christ.  For thus sayeth the LORD, all power in heaven and earth is given unto me.  As the living father sends me, even so I send you.  Believe ye me and all shall be well with thine and with thine household.  But for those who hate me shall be outer darkness and gnashing of teeth.  You say how wherewith have we hated you Lord we love you.  But I say unto you he that doeth not all of the will of my Father does indeed hate me and I abide not in him.  If you love me you will keep all of my commandments and not just the ones which you feel like keeping.  If I do not have all of you I want none of you.  Hear ye the words of the LORD and keep your eyes on me not on the cross but as I am alive and I live ever more.  Them that have an ear let him hear.  Come unto me Ė return now unto the Lord follow me and be in subjection to me even as I was unto the Father.  Hear ye what the Lord has said and obey ye.
How long ye rebels will ye rebel against GOD?  How long will you continue to call houses by my name and have everything in your church except GOD?  How long will it be until my people return to me?  For thou art a backsliding and wicked generation.  You now have science, technology, medicine and academics.  These tell you that GOD is myth or is unnecessary; and that faith and prayer are all in the mind. These things make you feel that religion causes nothing but strife.  Verily I say unto you while there are many religious groups and people who say they are doing things in my name causing strife.  Nothing Godly causes strife for GOD is love.  Anyone who is born of my spirit has the love of GOD in them and the love of GOD does not cause strife, nor envyings or lies, deceit, robbing nor murder.  Nay but is satan, the deceiver that causes all of these things and because he uses my name you say that serving GOD and being zealous for his sake is not good.  It leads to problems and intolerance.  But I say unto you I do not tolerate sin nor wickedness and indeed I am very intolerant of it.  And I render to every living soul his just reward whether to say it is well done or whether it is to say depart from me.  GOD gives joy, happiness and fruitfulness.  If you have none of this, it is because you have not the LORD.  David wanted for nothing yea he had not troubles until satan convinced him to sin and once he sinned then came all of his troubles.  Troubles come from satan and from sin.  Turn your back from sin.  Turn your back against satan and see what exceeding great joy and happiness I the LORD GOD will bring.  I will remove strife and contention from among you.  You donít need tolerance classes, you donít need scientific evidence or a technological breakthrough. All you need is spirit of the living GOD planted deep into your very being.  Return though unto the LORD your GOD with all of your heart and all of your might and see my wonder working power, great gladness and joy.  Yes I said joy no matter what satan tries to do in the world or tell you.  Where there is the joy of the LORD there is strength, refuge and rest. Thus sayeth the LORD.

How long can I cry and you not hear?  Those who are diligently seeking me shall find me but those who have hardened their hearts cannot hear.  How long will you stop your ears and declare that GOD no longer speaks? Hear ye the words of the LORD and obey.  Come back to the LORD, yea, return to thouís first love.  Can you not see that satan has hardened your heart not to hear the voice of GOD.  He tells you that GOD needs people.  But I say unto you that I donít need you I want you.  I want to be your GOD and ye to be my people.  I sent my beloved Son so that every last one of you may be called the children of living GOD.  All of you will not come but those who still remember me who know to seek me will come.  Let nothing hinder you and let no person stand in your way.  Come now unto the LORD seek me diligently and find me that I may give rest unto your souls.

Thus sayeth the LORD GOD of hosts. I have waited many generations for my people to return unto me. Hast thou forgotten how sweet it was in the ways of the LORD when ye ate the fat of the land or when ye enjoyed the flowing milk and honey and I gave thee rest. As I swore unto your fathers that they would not enter into my rest and there carcasses fell in the wilderness, I again am calling whosoever will let him come. Come back unto the LORD oh backsliding generation I am married unto thee. Return thou unto me sayeth the LORD seek me while I can be found. Seek me while I am near. Return my children unto thy GOD.

Thus sayeth the LORD. When thou wast in the belly I knew thee. Come back unto me saith the LORD and I will forgive your sins and heal the land. Boast not in thy riches or in thy possessions but make the strength of the LORD of hosts your delight. Seek ye the narrow gate for broad is the way that leadeth to destruction. Return unto me now sayeth the LORD.

Thus sayeth the LORD, take ye the mantle and smite ye the waters that the waters may recede and when thou asketh speak ye where is the LORD GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and see if I, even I, will not recede the waters back and cut off the waters from the waters that thou mayest walk across the water even on dry land. Now is the time to command in the name of the LORD thy GOD and when thou commandest know that as I was with my servants of old time even am I with thee and greater works shall ye do. Why stand ye there idle, declare it in the Lord of Hosts name and it shall be done, thus sayeth GOD. Command your burdens, command the devils for all shall be subject to you in the name of your LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. Speak ye and see if it does not come to pass. Thus saith the LORD.

The Lord would say unto thee be glad and be of exceeding good cheer, for the Lord thy God is with thee. Concern not thyself with the thought of thine own situation nor of thy loved ones. Even as Job was stripped of everything he had even from the days of his youth so did I take it all away only to replenish him with even more than he had at first. The Lord thy GOD is able to give thee even more than thou thought thou hast had. I am the Lord thy God and no one is able to withstand me. Whatever decision I make know it is for thy good even if it seemeth not so as with Job. Give thanks in all things to God whether they seemeth good or not unto thee and delight thyself in the law day and night whereby you shall have good success. Satan is a liar and the father of it. Fear not nor be distressed for it is sure and certain that you shall prosper and you shall be in health even as thy soul prospers. Bless the Lord with all your heart, soul, body mind and strength and forget not all of my benefits for they are many indeed.




Will you receive a double portion?

.Could you use a double portion? A portion of what you may ask? The answer is a double portion of GOD's spirit. Beginning in Genesis Chapter 1, Verse 2. It is written the Spirit of GOD moved upon the waters. GOD said further in Genesis 6:3 "my spirit shall not always strive with man, for he also is flesh." This same spirit which is the power of GOD and his presence was also in Joseph. Also in the book of Genesis 41:38, Pharoah even declared "can we find such a one as this is, a man in whom the Spirit of God is?"

Everyone once they became saved from their sins and accepted Christ as their savior can be filled with GOD's spirit. God is the one who fills a person with his spirit. Moses declared in Numbers 11:29 that "would GOD that all of the LORD's people were prophets, and that the LORD would put his spirit upon them!" Obtaining GOD's spirit is not just for the preacher, prophet or the pastor, it is essential for all of GOD's people.
GOD told Moses in Numbers 27:17-19 to take Joshua "a man in whom is the spirit: and lay thine hand upon him" And then in Deuteronomy 34:9 says "And Joshua the son of Nun was full of the spirit." Just how did Joshua get this spirit GOD gave it to him and how did Joshua get full, why read the entire verse "for Moses had laid his hands upon him. Joshua received more of this spirit than he had at first when Moses laid his hand upon him according to the commandment of GOD. This spirit is very powerful and it provides complete and constant communication with GOD. Also great accomplishments can be had just like Othniel in Judges 3:9-11 which states that for this man "the spirit of the LORD came upon him, and he judge Israel" and "the LORD delivered Chushanrishathaim king of Mesopotamia into his hand." What a powerful spirit. The good Holy Ghost is this same spirit which we now have through Jesus Christ. The same Holy Ghost that used Mary for Christ's birth in Matthew 1:18.

John the Baptist, our Lord's forerunner declared that Jesus shall "baptized you with the Holy Ghost and with fire" in Luke 3:16 further down in Luke 3:22 the Holy Ghost descended in the shape of a dove upon Jesus and GOD said he was well pleased. Believe me it pleases GOD to pour out this spirit unto us. Why in John 20:21-23 Jesus breathed on his disciples and "saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost:" Guess what, all of them had this same spirit of GOD filled into them. But yet there was more in Acts 1:8 Jesus said "But ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you." Don't stop there Jesus said further that they were to be his witness in Jerusalem, Judea and he uttermost part of the earth.

Hey, we all have a job to do. Get this spirit and get out witnessing. Peter said in Acts 2:38 to repent and baptized in Jesus' name and they shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. This gift is free, given gladly by GOD to sinners who repent and become saints of GOD. Also Acts 4:31 reads "they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and they spake the word of GOD with boldness." Do you need some boldness? Have you repented? Do you have GOD's spirit? Have you received the Holy Ghost? Listen, I don't have time to list all of the scriptures about GOD's spirit or the necessity of the Holy Ghost. There are many more verses and they all point to the same conclusion. Everyone who has obtained salvation can have GOD's spirt and be filled with the Holy Ghost. If you already have the Holy Ghost you can receive more? Yes more, a double portion. Remember the apostles received more as I mentioned earlier after Jesus breathed on them in the book of John they went on to get the Holy Ghost come upon them in the book of Acts.

Also Elisha received a double portion of Elijah's spirit. What spirit did Elijah have--why the spirit of GOD--that's what Elisha received. And you can receive it to. Do you need more? Well we all need more, but do you want more? Read 2 Kings 2:15 and you will see all of the sons of the prophets at Jericho declared "The spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha." And they came to meet him and bowed themselves to the ground before him." I wonder how many of them had a double portion of GOD's spirit on them. I wonder how many even thought to ask. Peter in 2 Peter 1:21 wrote that prophecy came not in the old time by the will of man: but holy men of GOD spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost." Why were these sons of the prophets bowing to Elisha. Why he is the fellow who had enough guts to declare the spirit just wasn't enough for him--he wanted double. Are you as bold as Elisha? Do you want more of GOD?

You can receive the Holy Ghost and get a double portion. Be not like those Jude spoke of in verses 17-20 who he said the apostles spoke of "who should walk after their own ungodly lusts... having not the Spirit." Build yourself up on your holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost. Jesus said in Matt 7:7 and Luke 11:9 to ask and it shall be given so ask the LORD for his spirt and then ask to receive your double portion.



Not Of Sin

Romans 14:23 reads, And he that doubteth is damned if he eat, because he eateth not of faith; for whatsoever is not of faith is sin. Let's talk about these two concepts: Faith and sin. We know what is sin, at least we should. Sin is willing disobedience towards GOD, breaking the commandments, not doing as we should, etc. But what is faith? Faith is hard to pin down for some people. It is knowing without proof; believing without seeing. Confidence without a shadow of a doubt. Doubt according to this scripture means you have no faith and not having faith is sin. Let's examine for a minute why not having faith is sin. It is written and I paraphrase here that Abraham believed GOD and it was counted for righteousness. See Rom. 4:3, Gal. 3:6, or James 2:23. They all say the same thing. It pleased GOD for a human being to believe him and it displeased GOD when a human being doesn't. Now disbelief is a sin. Why? Jesus in Mark 11:24 commanded, yes he commanded, to believe that ye shall receive them, and ye shall have them. Read the entire verse and we see that to believe is a command.

In Romans 4:17, Paul writes: God who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were. Consider also what Paul writes further in Romans 4:18-21 in short it says that Abraham against hope believed in hope and being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead and staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief but was strong in faith, giving glory to GOD. Being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able to perform. Read the entire section word for word. Abraham believed GOD, that he was able to do what GOD had promised. Having this complete confidence the question of keeping GOD's commandment was a moot point, a non-issue. Once you believe GOD and are persuaded he is telling you the truth, you will gladly and willing follow his commandments. Even if the you see some things to the contrary such as Abraham and Sarah's great age and seemingly deadness. This did not slow Abraham down a bit as he was confident (had faith) to the believe that which he did not see, knowing with all surety that GOD has enough power to change any situation and any circumstance. In verse 24 this confidence or faith is not just for Abraham but it is for us also if we believe on him that raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead. What! Hold it. What did Paul say, he said we can do the same if we just believe. Now what happens if we don't believe? Jesus said all things are possible to him that believeth. So if we don't believe nothing is possible. We get zilch, zip, nothing, naught. But there is something worse that happens also.

Remember in Romans 4:2 the giving glory to GOD part. Guess what when you have no faith GOD gets no glory. There is no glory in unbelief. God get's the glory only when you believe. Why? If you don' believe you don't keep his commandments and therefore you sin. And there is no, I repeat, no glory in sin. Sin does not please GOD and without faith it is impossible to please GOD. Read Hebrews 11:6. We must come to GOD believing that he is. He is what? HE iS GOD, the Just One, the Holy One and also the rewarder of those that diligently seek him. In other words his promises are true and we can depend on them and live the way he commands, otherwise, we are sinners. Remember Jesus stated he did not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance. Matt 9:13, Luke 5:32 and Mark 2:17. The sinners had no hope and all were waiting on the Messias. Isaiah 9:2 reads: The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined. Also quoted by Matthew in Chapter 4 verse 16. Jesus brought the light, the hope to the sinners. Now that we have repented we can obtain the same promises given unto Abraham that through our faith we may be counted toward righteousness. Believing all of GOD's commands and acting upon them in complete faith, never wavering never doubting.

Look at Peter in Matt 14:31 he walked on the water but when doubt entered Jesus asked him O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt? Jesus said to Peter "thou of little faith." Without faith GOD was not pleased, the promise ceased and Peter sank. Read the entire section Matthew 14:29-32 Peter actually did it, he walked on water--a miraculous feat! That is, until he doubted. Jesus bidded or commanded Peter but the minute Peter disobeyed that command (he doubted) he lost the ability to follow the command. He began to sink. Don't be as Peter in this example. But rather be an example of Peter at the temple, after receiving the Holy Ghost. He had complete confidence for another miracle, that a man that had never walked would be able to. See Acts 3:1-9. Peter now fully persuaded, fully confident that GOD will keep his promises and is a deliverer and keeper of his word, used his faith to obtain a mighty miracle.

Listen, Peter and the rest of the apostles have nothing on us. All of GOD's promises will work for us too as long as we have faith in the things that he has commanded. God told Joshua in the book of Joshua Chaper 1 verse 2 through 9. "Moses my servant is dead; now therefore arise, go over this Jordan, thou, and all this people, into the land which I do give to them, even to the children of Israel." GOD commanded Joshua in this passage and told him further. There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy life: as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee." GOD further said in verse 9, Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courgage. Let's stop here for a minute. Did you read what GOD told this fellow whom he had charged and commanded. He doesn't forsake and he doesn't fail. "Haven't I commanded thee".

These statements are just as good today as it was when GOD first spoke them to Joshua. What does that mean? It means if GOD said so that is good enough to get going and do whatever it is we were promised. In this case, to lead a people into a land. In Mark16:15-20, we are commanded to preach the gospel to every creature and have signs following us as believers. Those in Mark's day went out in verse 20 and preached "every where" "confirming the word with signs following." And we can do the same today if we get rid of sin. That is, in this case the sin of unbelief.

GOD's promises are for those who believe him, not sinners. Sinners are to repent and become believers. We should be adding new souls to the body of Christ just as the apostles in the book of Acts. Where Philip was given heed by the people due to "hearing and seeing the miracles he did." And when they believed Philip preaching the things concerning the kingdom of GOD, and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women. See Acts 8:5-13. What a great section. Philip having been blessed to know the truth of the gospel, then took it on the road and obtain many converts with the very signs Jesus said would follow.

Philip did not have one shred of doubt, he was a believer and we should do likewise. Have confidence and faith that we may be of faith, not of sin, carrying out GOD's commands until Jesus' return.



Pentecost is not over

The day of pentecost is not over. Today a lot of people are debunking the so called ďfaith movementĒ or ďcharismaticĒ movement as it may be called. I agree wholeheartedly that everyone should reject any one size fits all doctrine such as the word of faith, grace, spoken word or rhema word and other such doctrines, which are what I call magic bullet doctrines. It is ridiculous to act as if one theme or doctrinal statement can magically get every one who embraces it into heaven. The do this one thing and presto you get everything you want and get to go to heaven doctrines are a waste of time. God is not a one or even many trick GOD. He is the GOD of the glory and power.

Look at your bible for a minute. Think about all of the books starting from Genesis to Revelation and remember just one thing that all of GODís promises are just as good today as they were the day the bible was written. From Moses setting down the book of Genesis all the way to John finishing up with Revelation. The first and the last says he does not change and that means no change ever. So if GOD did anything in the past he is still doing it. If he stops doing something then of course that is a change and we know he does not change. So there is still only one way to GOD and that is through Jesus. We must follow Jesusí example and we must keep all of GOD commandments.

There are quite a group of people who say they are christians and yet do not believe in miracles nor in the gifts of the spirit. Why if GOD no longer heals, he no longer saves. Think about it. Why would he stop anything? Why if he did he would have changed. Christ himself said if he with the finger of GOD cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of GOD is come upon you (Luke 11:20). Believe my friend that the kingdom of GOD has still come unto to us and you cannot have Christ without the miracles Christ did. Someone said to me some while ago ďyou know... what about sacrifices? GOD isnít still doing that, right? Isn't that a change?Ē Watch out, stick to your bible. The only thing that has changed is that we now have a mediator between us and GOD and that is Jesus. Jesus is our sacrifice and a ransom for many. Paul stated to present your body as a living ďsacrificeĒ. Why? because God still accepts sacrifies and further, even Jesus himself was what? A ďsacrifice.Ē Oh yes, GOD is still doing sacrifices and offerings and tithes just a bit differently since Jesus was victorious on the cross. GOD has not and will not change. All of the gifts and power of GOD still operates today. The same power that came down upon the disciples in the 2nd chapter of the book Acts.

Hear ye the Word of the Lord and believe. Thus sayeth the LORD ďpentecostĒ as it truly means is not over. And I mean that the outpouring of my spirit upon all flesh as written in Joel and confirmed by Peter in the 2nd Chapter of the book of ACTS. I am still pouring out my spirit. Why it has only been a little time since Jesus even left and came to sit by my right hand. Surely with me one day is as a thousand years, it has only been yet a little whlle. Believe my scriptures and ye shall walk with me.

GOD further states even after thousands of years he is still pouring out his spirit. If he was allowed, that old devil, satan would take everyone in the world over. How? With false doctrines and false teachings. Stick to your bible. If GOD says it is sin, it is sin, if he said it is GODLY, then it is GODLY, and if he says it is holy, it is holy. Recently, someone else said to me, well, you know times change. Well times may change but GOD does not. This someone said that Paul stated women should be good keepers of the home, yet Phililp's daughters prophesied. Since Paul said he suffered a woman not to teach doesn't the fact that women are now preaching mean that the church (and she meant Godís church) has just "gotten with the times." I told this confused person that GOD is not contradicting his word for he uses whom he will, when he will, but that does not mean anyone is released from their obligation. You can be a good keeper of the home and still prophesy and preach. God made a provision for both. Deborah judged Israel in times of old and women can still judge today. Times have not changed, and women arenít besides themselves, nor are they false teachers nor has GOD changed. GOD is pouring out his spirit, the young men are dreaming dreams and the old men are seeing visions and the handmaidens. Read it in the bible for yourself in Joel 2:28-29 and Acts 2:17-19. The handmaidens are also having the spirit poured out upon them. If GOD says to do something we can follow it and believe it with confidence. GOD is the only one whose commands count. Only satan tries to twist and pervert the gospel so that people go astray. GOD gets no glory in anyone being confused or feeling lost. As a matter of fact he stated that he wished that ďnoneĒ would perish and that ďallĒ would repent. Don't fall for satan's lies and false doctrines. Look at Acts 1:11, the same Jesus which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven. Listen, the same Jesus is coming back looking to find faith on the earth. Looking for a church that followed his examples, including miracles, healing and all the gifts of the spirit. Signs, miracles and wonders are just as valid today as it was when Jesus walked the shores of Galilee. Why? Because we are still in the day of Pentecost. The power has come down and GOD is still pouring out his spirit on sons and daughters that means on all of us who are GODís children.

Rejoice in the LORD for the wondrous things he has done and the wondrous things that he continues to do. For Pentecost will continue until Jesus returns.






Hi friends above is a prophecy straight from the LORD. He wants a people who will fully follow him--not pick out the parts of the bible they like and do that, but forget about the rest of it. GOD has declared that man has become rebellious and will not walk in his statues and keep his commandments. Therefore the LORD is raising up a people who will fully follow him.

If you truly wish to follow the LORD with all your heart mind soul and strength then this is the place. We make no excuses and we do no guessing. We fully follow GOD's word and we seek his face daily. We ask for his guidance and acknowledge him in all our ways so he may direct our paths. God is tired of vain prayers and pretenses as the pharisees did in the market place to get the reward of men. You know Jesus said that many would say that they did miracles and wonders in his name and he would say depart I know you not.

We serve GOD in the beauty of holiness, in spirit and in truth both meekly and humbly even as Jesus came serving. We follow his example of doing no sin neither having guile found in his mouth. The signs that shall follow them that believe are fully operational here and we are equipped to do battle with satan's lies and false doctrines. That old devil is very subtle and tells people well it's just one verse or two that's worthwhile so why follow all of the bible. However, as Elijah said how long shall ye be of two opinions. Either serve GOD or satan. We have chosen to serve GOD, fully and completely. If you wish to fully serve GOD also then we want to hear from you. It does no good to gain the whole world and lose your soul by having some vain form of godliness that denies the power thereof. Be the one who the LORD says well done to rather than depart from me when he returns. Come and let's fully follow the LORD full of power with signs, miracles and wonders.



GOD loves us and he cares, people made the trouble not GOD and people are the answer to fixing the trouble.

You have a kid going down a bad path, hanging out with the wrong crowd.  Getting into a wild, sick lifestyle going against everything you raised and taught your child.  What do you do?  Sit idly by and watch your child self destruct?  Send him help to try and turn him around? What? This is the dilemma mankind is in and the first thing we do is blame GOD.  He gave us choice, free will to do what we want and the minute it goes bad for people and their children, the first thing people say is there is no GOD or GOD allowed the bad to happen.  Yes, in fact he did allow the bad otherwise he would have to physically restrain and stop you.  What parent tries to force their children to live their life according to the parentís rule and even if you physically force someone, you donít change their heart, typically they are only going along because they are forced to do so.  GOD wants you to realize you are doing bad and change willingly.  Guess what happens should you donít Ė nothing.  He doesnít do a thing to you. He is not responsible for your bad choices? Yet his heart breaks when you hurt, have problems, troubles, heartaches or you die.  Why?  Because he does not want it that way.  Itís the same with a parent whose child dies as a result of drunk driving or babies killed by psychotic boyfriends, girlfriends, neighbors.  Listen, GOD put the sun in the heavens and it shines on those that are nice, not nice, bad, evil or worse, that does not mean he is singles out anyone for special treatment.  Everyone gets the same.  One exception, or yes, there is an exception.  Any one who is with GOD has access to his power and is therefore not subject to the same results.  A man named Daniel was thrown in with lions and the lions did not hurt him.  Why?  He was with GOD.  A man named Paul walked free out of a dreadful shipwreck.  Why he was with GOD?  GOD cares for everyone, yet he does not intervene in anyoneís life who does not willingly turn their life over to GOD. 

Most people state that they do not like the thought that they have to give up control over their own life in order to become part of GODís kingdom.  Friend there is no other way as there is no other reason for living except to be one with GOD.  Why?  The devil.  Yes, the devil is real.  Just as GOD is real.  There is no way around it.  GOD created humans and then the devil whom he also created decided to mess with you.  Now make no mistake this being has power yet his power is limited, he cannot directly kill or destroy.  Only GOD can directly kill you yet the devil can indirectly kill you.  He can influence a drunk driver to go down your street, he can whisper to a man with a gun to go into a crowd and start shooting.  He cannot pick up a gun or drive a car himself and run you over.  Only GOD, however, has the power of life and death and he typically stays out of peopleís lives unless you specifically invite him into your life. 

GOD created people for his glory, his purpose and the purpose of life is being perverted by satan and by those willingly following satan, life has turned bad for most people.  It is full of uncertainly, uneasiness and nothing seems sure or secure.  There is surety and security which comes from knowing GOD.  People are so removed from GOD now that it seems he is a myth, a fairytale or a nice story. Yet the path to GOD has been paved by violence and blood.  Many have died including Jesus to see to it that people can live happy and safe walking and talking with the LORD just as Abraham, Moses, Peter and Paul, Silas and Barnabas, Philip, Mary, Rhoda and a bible full of others.  Rejection of GOD is an acceptance of the devil and the devil wants to rob, kill, destroy, maim, hurt, make suffer, give agony, cause trouble, and make heartaches.  Donít allow the devil to do this to you, seek GOD and come to him the in the name of Jesus by whose sacrifice we were all redeemed.   All we have to do is claim the promises of GOD and turn our backs on the devil and all of his worksówhich means turning your back on what is sin.  GOD states what is clearly sin in the bible and you must let it all go in order to come to him.  You cannot have GOD and have sin.  He is a holy GOD which is a special standard and his people must meet this standard.  It is the entire reason humans were created for GODís purpose by his standard.  People were corrupted and deviated from the standard of holiness and now we must go back.  It is stated in the bible.  Be ye holy for I am holy. Start with Leviticus 11:45 , 2 Cor. 7:1 as scriptures to understand the special place GOD meant for human beings to fellowship and commune with him as he is a GOD with a special and holy presence.  Let this word fall into your heart so that you may see you need to change by returning to GOD.  You can stay the same and get the same results or you can change and come to GOD and see the full power and glory of GOD.

Trouble in the land will soon be over

Posted by J.H.A.


Jesus is coming back.  Make no mistake there is no doubt about it.  Whether you like it or not.  Whether you are ready or not.  Jesus shall return.  He is coming back to gather a people to himself to be where he will be in heaven.  Our whole existence is going with GOD when he creates a new heaven and a new earth.  

GOD wants us to be with him.  He created people for us to walk and talk with him.  Something happened along the way.  Sin came in with the devil and people were corrupted.  Now Jesus is coming for those who remained faithful to GOD and is ready when he returns.

Be ready. If you are not ready, get ready.  Listen, people are looking toward crystals, higher states of enlightenment, faiths and inner power but GOD is different.  GOD is real.  Open any newspaper or turn on any news broadcast.  Fighting, wars, killings, muggings, stabbings, kidnappings, famines, droughts, hurricanes, storms.  It is almost as if nature itself has gone wild, though that is not the case.  It is simply the natural order of things taking itís place and satan putting his own special slant on it in peoples mind.  See the devil says there is no GOD or else why would these things happen.  He says GOD allows floods and earthquakes and muggings, killings and kidnappings.  The truth is GOD allows everything.  Everything that is and exists is by the grace of GOD not removing it all.  Yet GOD set a time for Jesus in which he will come back and the life as we now know it will cease.   Arguments and fighting over  philosophies, theories, assumptions "isms" such as sexism, and "cisms" such fascism and ideas will cease and every human being will receive their just due for either keeping GODís commandments or not keeping them.  The choice is up to each individual whether to believe GOD and follow the path that he has set for humanity or to not.  Believe it or not, but hell is very real and it was not even meant for human beings.  It was meant as a place for punishment of the devil and the wicked angels that were fallen from heaven who made rebellion against GOD himself.   You know what that deceiver satan still had enough power after falling from heaven that he can still try to interfere with GODís plan for humankind by influencing the minds of human beings.  Long ago at least long ago to humans, GOD intervened constantly in the affairs of people.  He chose to himself a set of people and decided to do away with the rest.  Now guess what these chosen people decided to do?   They chose instead of following GODís plan to simply live their lives by their own choosingónot realizing that GOD being all powerful and all knowing was the one that knew best which is why he made people and set a plan in place for us.  GOD then smote humans with plagues, famines, pestilence and let all manner of evils come upon them to get them to turn back to GOD.  Some heeded and came back.  While others, listening to the deceiving devil to do whatever they want, grew worse and worse by getting further and further away from GOD.  Finally instead of fire, brimstone and destruction, GOD  took  another path to reach his creation, he sent his son Jesus, another who was with GOD at the beginning and who GOD worked through for humans sake.  Jesus left an example for every one to follow in order to be reconciled and come back to GOD.


Jesus stated   ďI am the way, the truth and the life no man cometh to the father but by me which is found in St. John 14:6. There is only one way to GOD and that is through Jesus Christ.  You must believe that GOD sent him and that he died to save humans from sin.  Then you must follow GODís plan. For Jesus himself said ďFor I have not spoken of myself; but of the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.Ē  which is in St. John 12:49 and going further Into the next verse Jesus also said that GODís commandment is life everlasting. 

There is pain, suffering, disease, sickness, death, misery, agony, woe, anguish, heartbreak and a multitude of other things that humans suffer through and none of this has been GODís plan from since he created the universe.  Only by coming back to GOD through Jesus can the downward spiral of human kind brought on by choosing to follow the devil can be stopped.  Listen, most people believe they are in control of their own destiny and in a way that is true.  GOD has given every individual a choice to follow his plan or not.  However, there are consequences, dire consequences for not following GODís plan.  Not following GODís plan is exactly what satan wants humans to do.  The devil is rebellious and he wants GODís own creation to rebel against GOD and people do so every day not realizing that satan is using them to destroy them by leading as many people as he can far away from GOD.  Human beings are suffering because of their refusal to return.  GOD has nothing to do with this, other than he has given a choice Ė serve him or do not serve him and either choice has consequences.  Do not be deceived every choice you made in life is either to serve GOD or not to serve him with consequences for each decision.  

Why GOD could certainly force every living being to behave according to his plan.  However, he has chosen not to do this as this is not what he wishes for his creation.  GOD wants everyone to have free will to choose to love and serve him willingly.  Now think about it there are some people who would like to force their love and ideas on other people.  Think of how it feels to be forced into something you do not wish to do.  Instead he hopes by showing you his goodness, his greatness and love for you, that you will return back to him and live the way he meant human beings to do which is according to his set rules set forth in the holy bible.  Are you free not to follow the rules?  Certainly you are Ė but at what cost?  You can go stand in the middle of the freeway even though it clearly says for pedestrians to stay out but that doesnít mean it is a good or smart thing to do.  GOD knows best and should you follow him, life will be good.  Donít follow GOD  and life will not be so good.  Hell is a terrible place to end up and you may suffer quite a bit before you even get there and the sad part is that you had the choice not to suffer and you did not make that choice.  Try GOD out and see whether he does know best and whether he is good and deserving of your walking and talking with him and serving him.  You have everything to gain and only your own stubbornness and self-will to lose.  It is tough for some to swallow that it is GODís way or misery.  Itís just like being told it is his way or the highway.  However, it is true.  People were created for only one purpose and that is GODís purpose and he has set the rules that cannot be changed.  He will not force you to obey the rules yet he will also not stop you from suffering the consequences of not obeying the rules.  Why not come back to the human beings true purpose and enjoy the benefits of a loving, caring and deserving GOD?  Come back before Jesusí return and be ready for that day when "so shall we ever be with the LORD" which is in 1 Thessalonians 4:17 rather than receive eternal damnation.   This life is going to end so choose wisely where you wish to spend eternity when the trouble in the land is all over.

The devil is running wild

Posted by J.H.A.

 The devil is running wild, what can you do to thwart the devil.

 Are you living for GOD?  Do you want to?  A lot of people want to believe GOD and believe the bible.  Yet they get turned off by what they see going on around them.  There is pain, trouble, fighting, disasters, meanness, cold heartlessness, greed and a host of other things.  No, the devil doesn't have a tail or a pitchfork -- this is just a common image.  However, he is evil and he is running amok.  Donít be frightened.  All such things have existed since the fall of human kind.  Once there was GOD and he created Adam and Eve.   A perfect and wonderful  state for human beings was put into place.  Then along came GODís enemy,   You see GOD was wonderful and he created a wonderful being.  However, not content with being created of GOD and serving GOD himself, the devil wanted to rule in Heaven and set his on plan.  That old devil was cast out of Heaven and GOD created hell for satan and his followers.  It may seem hard to believe but a large number of angels were deceived by satan and fell from GODís grace also.  Hell was created for the devil, satan, and his followers to be punished for rebelling against GOD.  The devil still had power being created of GOD, but limited power; he could transform himself and influence the mind of GODís creation.  The devil convinced Eve who then convinced Adam to sin.  Adam and Eveís sin brought about by satan and evil has been happening since that time.  The first evil being the sin of rebelling against GODís word not to eat of the tree and then the second being murder.  Yes one of Adamís children killed the other out of spite, malice and envy.  Trouble and evil multiplied from person to person, generation to generation until the great flood.

GOD determined to rid the world of the evil that was being multiplied and saved Noah and his family to replenish the earth and start over.  However, the devil was not done, as the earth replenished, once, he again, satan began to influence the mind of people to do evil and he is doing so right up today.  Noah built an ark for safety yet the rest of the world died in the flood and the devil wants more victims.  As the enemy of GOD the devil is doing everything he can to thwart GODís purposeówhich is impossible. Yet satan keeps trying.  People are doing more and more evil and wickedness today than ever.  Donít be afraid, there is something that you can do to help thwart the devil and know that you may possibly be saving someoneís soul.

The minute there is a tragedy there is a lot of introspection and many will go to church, pray and question what is GOD doing.  Listen GOD isnít doing anything he hasnít always been doing, which is waiting.  Waiting for people to return so that then you donít have to get all upset about the latest tragedy as to you will understand that satan is just using the people who he can influence and that GOD is the one who can help every person.  How can you thwart the devil?  You can choose to serve GOD.   GOD has given everyone a choice and though some blame their parents, others society and some poverty, the real culprit to evil is the devil and people due to their own self-will and rebellion choose to serve the devil, then they wonder why GOD doesnít do something.   Well he did.  He gave you a choice, and you chose the devil.  Now you will suffer the consequences of the chaos and destruction that comes with the devil.  Pain, suffering and trouble are all the devil has to offer.  

For Jesus said in John 8:44 ďYe are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.  He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.Ē   You see satan has never been any good and nothing good can come of him which is why people who do not choose GOD suffer.

Pray for those who are suffering without GOD and ask that they may have the opportunity for their eyes to be opened and that they may see that all bad taking place is due to human choice and not that GOD wishes it.  GOD does not want anyone to have trouble, yet he allows it so human beings can freely choose whether to live their lives serving him or not serving him.  Those are the rules and GOD has set the rules as he is fair and just, full of love and much wiser than those he created.   We being human may take bribes or pervert justice for our own agenda.  GOD has just one agenda, our willing obedience to serve him. If only people could talk with GOD and see that he is good and worthy of our love and serve him.  Yes GOD is approachable, reachable and you can talk with him.  You just need to be sincere.  Lotís of people claim to talk with the GOD, a god, some god, another god or any god.  The GOD, however, is real and he listens and speaks to anyone who is genuine and not being a cynic or a phony such as they truly are not seeking GOD but want to prove a point or perhaps get something.  There is a big focus in a lot of churches to get blessings, money and goods.  Believe it, GOD will provide for needs, however, peopleís first and foremost purpose is to live for GOD not to see what they can get from him, as if GOD is a powerful cash station or ATM which he is not. Listen, do you really want to find out for yourself all about GOD.  Try GOD out and do something that will thwart the devil.  Live for GOD, serve him and follow his rules then help everyone you meet do the same.  Let GOD show through you which will thwart the wild schemes of the devil.  Read the bible, ask questions and pray so that GOD may show you and guide you to just how wonderful he is.   People living for GOD is a fly in the ointment of satan and will frustrate some of that devilís running wild before he is cast into hell.


What can you do until Jesusí Return

Are you saved?  Are you living for GOD or simply going to church?   There are many deeply religious people who are not living for GOD.  Many go to church and even seem to pray yet they are not living for GOD.  Joining a church is not serving GOD, reading a bible is not serving GOD.  You must obey GODís rules and commandments and do the will of GOD.  Jesus said in  John 6:38 ďfor I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me.Ē  We must all do the same as Christ left the example for us to follow.  So you must do GODís will to serve him.

In Matthew Chapter 5 verse 16 Jesus said ď Let your light so shine before men, that they; may see your good works, and glorify your FATHER which is in heaven.Ē   And also in Mark 12:30 that thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.Ē  Simply going to church or performing in religious ceremonies wonít do.  No, you must follow the bible and follow Christís example.  As Jesus said in John 14:16 ď I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.Ē

Believe the bible, follow it and keep all of the commandments.  GOD is not an old testament GOD nor a new testament GOD. GOD is the GOD of the entire bible.  Indeed Jesus himself John 7:16 ďMy doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me.Ē  GOD sent Jesus to give an example of how we should live for GOD and to follow the scriptures to serve GOD obediently.  As Jesus also said in John 8:29 "And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him."

It pleases GOD when his creation chooses to serve him and it displeases him when his creation chooses not to serve him. However, the choice to obey GOD or not is left up to the individual.  Yet make no mistake, Jesus will return to gather GODís people.  What will you be doing before Jesusí return?

What you can do is make sure you are letting your light shine so that people may glorify GOD.  You can witness to people without trying to sound like a preacher.  All of GODís children have a commission to let everyone see how wonderful GOD is through our own lives.  Freely we receive and freely we give.  Jesus stated in Mark 16, Verse 15-16.  ďGo ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.  He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.Ē   You donít have to be a preacher, you donít even have to be eloquent to preach the gospel.  Just be sincere and let your light shine.  Should you believe what Jesus preached then live the way he said GOD commands.  By practicing what Jesus preached you will have the same results the preachers, apostles, prophets and believers had during the actual time when Christ walked the earth.

 Donít believe that GOD has changed and that miracles, healings, deliverances, prayers being answered, sickness healed, deaf hear, lame walk, blind see, etc., is not for today.  Some have said that all ceased.  Well it sure is strange that a GOD that said he does not change ceased the supernatural gifts that showed he had power yet salvation is still obtainable.  Why didnít salvation cease also?  It couldnít any more than the power of GOD ceased as GOD stated he is the same.  GOD himself said in Malachi Chapter 3 Verses 6 and 7, ďFor I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.Ē and he said also "Even from the days of your fathers ye are gone away from mine ordinances, and have not kept them. Return unto me, and I will return unto you, saith the Lord of hosts. But ye said, Wherein shall we return?"  You donít see much power of GOD as people have gone away from GODís ordinances.  Be assured the devil canít do genuine miracles so those following him may say they are with GOD yet they donít have any real signs or wonders due to not keeping GODís statutes.  You cannot have GOD showing in your life without following GODís plan as set forth in the bible.

Those of us who know how good GOD is also want others to know GOD is good.  If you know the Lord or if you are hungry to know GOD do repent and turn to him.  Once you walk with GOD, talk with GOD and kept his statutes and commandments, your life will shine like a light.  Then you can be doing you part for GOD until Jesusí return.





"Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever!" - Hebrews 13:8


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